Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Magic of LOVE

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Love is the most powerful, magical force in the universe. There is no greater beauty and wonder than the intimate relationship of two people. Love deeply touches and opens hearts if one has ever been on love, is in love or hopes to be in love.

Sometimes love endures for a lifetime between two people. Others are only destined to experience it only for a while. But one thing is true : No matter what the outcome of the relationship is, when love enters our life, it never leaves without transforming us at the very depth of our being.

Sometimes love reveals itself in the unmatched level of understanding and friendship we share with our mate and no one else. Sometimes it is in what is said, and sometimes what is not said but deeply felt. Sometimes it is in the obstacles we must face together. Sometimes it is in how the joy we feel with our partner and it spills over to our family members. And sometimes it is in where the relationship takes us inside ourselves - places we would never go willingly; but for love, we will do anything.

Love teaches us to be compassionate, caring and forgiving. It teaches us when to hold on more tightly, and when let go. Love shows us all the ways we need to grow as a person.

There is no miracle greater than love. It is the God's most precious gift to us.

May Love open your heart, uplift your mind, inspire your spirit, and be a sweet companion on your own heart's journey. And may your life always be blessed with love.